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Delmar Mahan remembered as a staunch supporter of public education

Former Whitley County Board of Education chairman and long-time local accountant Delmar Mahan died Friday morning following a long illness. Mahan served on the board of education for nearly 27 years, including 19 years as chairman, before announcing his surprise resignation at...
Posted On 05 Jul 2019

Bomb squad called to investigate suspicious box in Williamsburg

A couple of homes were evacuated and a Kentucky State Police bomb squad was called to Williamsburg Saturday evening to investigate a suspicious box that was found outside of a home which turned out to be a toolbox. Read this story and more for just $.99 cents today, or subscribe...
Posted On 05 Jul 2019

‘I’m getting harassed over here,’ defendant’s mother tells judge

There were a few tense moments in Whitley District Court Monday morning prior to the start of a scheduled preliminary hearing in a recent homicide case involving Michael Worley, 40, of Williamsburg, who is charged with murder in the June 21 killing of his aunt, Wanda Richardson,...
Posted On 05 Jul 2019

Things that make you not want to fly on United Airlines

Recently, I got up at 5 a.m. on a Wednesday so I could catch a flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. I got there about 7 p.m. our time the next day. Mark White is Editor of The News Journal. When it comes to air travel, it seems like nothing is ever easy, and this was one of “those”...
Posted On 05 Jul 2019