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CHS senior says Class of 2020 deserves more than what is being offered

(OpEd by Corbin High School Senior Alexandria Stewart) There is so much joy and memories that come along with senior year, from football games to trips. However, due to COVID-19 it’s different for the class of 2020. It seems as though we have been through it all. We were just...
Posted On 13 May 2020
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Letter to the Editor: Freedoms given up too easily

(Letter to the Editor by Brenda Bugg) In the month of May many will visit cemeteries to honor ancestors. When walking through the cemetery, take note of the soldiers’ graves. Most volunteered to defend this nation and our freedoms. If they knew how easily we have given up our...
Posted On 07 May 2020
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Letter to the Editor: Next COVID-19 relief bill needs to help small businesses

(Letter to the Editor by David O. Smith of Corbin) It’s clear the first COVID relief bill passed by Congress basically went to big business, except for the $600 benefits to individuals receiving unemployment in an attempt to equalize funds received in each state. Hopefully, the...
Posted On 06 May 2020
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Letter to the Editor: Pharmacists play key role in keeping communities healthy

(Letter to the Editor by Dr. Kimberly Sasser Croley, Clinical Pharmacist at Laurel Senior Living Communities) All Kentuckians have a part to play in “flattening the curve” of the coronavirus outbreak. Community pharmacists, like all healthcare workers, are first responders to the...
Posted On 05 May 2020
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Letter to the Editor: Dear Kentucky teachers, you’re doing a great job

(In honor of the 2020 National Teacher Appreciation Week May 4-8, Kentucky Teacher of the Year Erin Ball sends an open letter to all of the Commonwealth’s educators to thank them for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic.) Dear Kentucky Teachers: Thank you for your...
Posted On 03 May 2020

Williamsburg pharmacist went above and beyond for elderly man

(Letter to the Editor by Margaret Potter, Fort Myers, Florida) I have been gone from Southern Kentucky for approximately 59 years, but the same caring concern and thoughtfulness that existed then still exists in that area today. Recently, after speaking with my elderly brother’s...
Posted On 30 Apr 2020
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