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Storing and feeding hay and commercial grains and feeds

Storing and feeding hay and commercial grains and feeds Storing Hay You can store hay indefinitely if the stack is managed correctly; although, in humid climates, using hay within three years of harvest is ideal. Hay growers need to bale it at correct moisture levels because if...
Posted On 12 Apr 2016
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Soil testing can help keep unnecessary nutrients out of Kentucky streams

How much fertilizer do you really need to use on your lawn and garden? If you are just making a guess, you could be using too much. But how can you know for sure? A simple and inexpensive soil test can tell you all you need to know to make your lawn and garden look great and to...
Posted On 05 Apr 2016
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2015-2016 Kentucky Agricultural Economic situation and outlook

Following record breaking years, the Kentucky agricultural economy, like the overall U.S. agricultural economy, slumped in 2015, with concern looming for 2016. On the national front, USDA is projecting 2015 net farm income to plummet to $56 billion, down 28 percent from 2014...
Posted On 30 Mar 2016
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Eastern Tent Caterpillar egg hatch begins in central Kentucky

“This year’s first observed eastern tent caterpillar egg hatch is seven days earlier that 2015, reflecting the warm spring temperatures,” said Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Extension Entomologist. “The hatch is not synchronized;...
Posted On 23 Mar 2016
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Ag producers can work with Kentucky Division of Water to comply with regulations

The Kentucky Division of Water may contact you for a variety of reasons. The division’s mission is “to manage, protect and enhance the quality and quantity of the commonwealth’s water resources for present and future generations through voluntary, regulatory and educational...
Posted On 07 Mar 2016
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