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Reader: Terrell needs to wake up

To the Editor: Sounds like Bob “The Dreamer” Terrell needs to wake up. Somebody please wake that poor man up or change his medicine. He’s been having some bad dreams. Mike Lawson Williamsburg
Posted On 21 Mar 2016
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School starts too early; keep August a fun summer month

To the Editor: By now maybe some people have educated you about the school start date being changed. Just in case no one pointed it out I just want you to know that the school start was slowly moved into August by many educational administrators in the southern states as an...
Posted On 21 Mar 2016
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High school Sweet 16 brings back good memories

It is March so that means I have a sore throat. This time it came from Mother Nature, but that wasn’t always the cause. For 30 years I broadcast every game of the District, Regional and State Tournaments. By the time the games were over my throat had taken a pounding and thus I...

We’ve improved our website to better serve you

When I became Publisher of the News Journal in 2015, one of the first things I wanted to get accomplished was to modernize the newspaper’s website. It’s been a LONG process getting there, but two weeks ago we did sort of a silent rollout of the new site (